Crabs in a Bucket

Crabs in a Bucket - Stay Focused on Your Dreams!

“Hey! Get back here, where do you think you’re going?”

Early in my adult life I was exposed to the concept of network marketing through a high school friend who’s dad was successfully building what would later become one of those powerhouse networks that anyone who’s familiar with the business model envies. As the glitter of 5 and 6 figure monthly checks kept me hypnotized with fantasies of following suit, I found myself immersed in a culture unlike anything I’d encountered previously. I began attending seminars and meetings and I found that I enjoyed being surrounded by predominantly positive, ambitious, and successful people. Instead of an atmosphere of seemingly bored individuals in various states of depression, aggression, and intoxication trying to either stay entertained or escape reality; these people were actively working on improving themselves and networking with like minded individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Although I am no longer active in network marketing; of the many concepts introduced to me as I attended these networking events the profundity of “Crabs in a Bucket” never ceases to amaze me. Unfortunately the reality within that concept is, for a variety of reasons (some well intentioned), many people in your life will try to pull you back from pursuing your dreams and goals. This article at immediately reminded me of that “evil force” that has robbed so many of the success that they might have achieved had they found a way to escape “the bucket”. LOL

Why You Should Pursue Your Dream Even If Nobody Encourages You

June 24, 2015 |
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