Tips For Buying A Home That Grows As You Grow.

Buying a home that ages with you can minimize hassle as you live out your retirement years.  We’re currently addressing this issue in my family as my seemingly youthful grandparents in their early 80’s begin to experience health concerns.  Twenty-something years ago they moved from a little 2 bedroom rental house in Cape to the 3 bedroom split-foyer in Jackson that they’ve built into the space I’ve grown accustomed to finding them… but sooner or later those front entry stairs (or other features) start to become more like a mountain and a potential safety hazard for senior citizens. It’s common for buyers in the prime of their lives to focus on “the now” and invest in properties that may not serve them as well when those golden years come knocking. It will be a bittersweet experience when I put that sign in my grandparents’ front yard and help them transition from the place we’ve shared so many memories to a new floor plan that will afford us all a little less worry about what ‘could’ happen. One thing’s for sure, some younger couple is going to snag one very well maintained home. This article by ARAR HAN on Zillow provides great insights pertinent to selecting a home that will grow with you on your journey.

Buying a Home That Will Age With You | Zillow Blog

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