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    Termite Inspections in Southeast Missouri & Southern Illinois

    Picture of active termites | 63701 termite inspection

    How A $75 Termite Inspection Could Save You Big Money

    I was recently helping a client narrow his top 3 property list down to the target home we’d be making an offer on. While walking around the exterior of his #1 choice, I spotted something that might go unnoticed unless you’ve had experience dealing with the issue… mud tubes. At just over 10 years old, this house is relatively new and located in a nicely maintained subdivision right here in Cape. This just goes to show that practically any home in the area can be targeted by these destructive little critters.

    I tout my construction experience and eye for spotting defects as an asset for clients looking to exclude properties outside various scopes of repair; however I’m not a home inspector and always encourage scheduling professional home inspections when a contract has been secured on the target property. In this case a $75 termite inspection will allow my client to officially present this issue to the seller to be addressed before closing the deal. I’ve included a link below to more information on this subject by a local home inspection company that has performed termite inspections for several of my clients in the past.

    *Update: The termite inspection confirmed a minimal level of live termite activity at the residence which was remedied by the seller at a cost of $1,008 via professional treatment. Read more here

    Photo of Tracey Miller Realtor Spotting Termites

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