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    HVAC Inspection

    Spotting Potential Issues With Central Heat & Air

    Summer is finally in full effect and it’s hot out there! A couple of weeks ago I was showing a foreclosure listing to a home buyer that ultimately purchased the property. As we were doing an exterior walk around I explained that this particular HVAC unit was an all-in-one system that contained both the heating and cooling components in the casing located outside of the house. Here I am pointing out a minor issue that I suggested he fix to avoid potential problems down the road… the orange 10-3 gauge wire that provides electrical powering the system was not ran through conduit from inside the crawl space of the house to the unit. Although each wire is insulated individually with a protective coating and then all 4 insulated wires are wrapped collectively in another layer of orange protective sheathing, the power supply is still exposed to outside elements that will eventually compromise the integrity of these protective materials and leave the wiring vulnerable to potential damage. I like to point out obvious repairs like this to my buyers to raise awareness so they can double check against their professional inspection to determine if additional issues were discovered. As always, I recommend anything beyond basic consumer maintenance be conducted by an experienced HVAC technician.

    For more information and tips regarding central heating and air conditioning maintenance checkout this post on 3 HVAC Maintenance Tips


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